Principal’s Report

What a fun day last Friday was! With everyone wearing lots of fantastic hair styles and the special “hair-cutting” event at assembly, it was wonderful to hear about the results of the fundraising efforts by Mrs. Sascha Opperman towards cancer research, via Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation.

A total of $560.50 was raised from the raffle held to give EPS students a chance to cut off a braid of Mrs. Opperman’s hair, and $595.50 was raised from gold coin donations on the day – well done EPS! And well done and thank you to Mrs. Opperman!

We are very excited to be holding the EPS Disco on Saturday 4th May. The disco will run from 4pm to 8pm in the EPS Stadium, with food truck options available, but also families are welcome to bring picnics. Tickets can be booked via this link:

A reminder that the Swimming Program is on for Grades Prep to 6 this term – please see Compass for further details.

Tomorrow morning our School Captains will be speaking and laying a wreath at the Dawn Service at the RSL, then we will be marching as a school community for the 10am service (from outside the Commonwealth Bank) and lay a wreath then also. Looking forward to seeing our community turn out to remember the fallen and our ANZACs.

Next Friday 3rd of May we will be welcoming the Rotarians from the Emerald and District Rotary Club to present certificates and badges to the EPS EarlyAct Team – our community service student group. Stay tuned to hear about the team’s projects as the year progresses.

Any families considering enrolling their children at Emerald Primary School for Prep 2025 are invited to visit our school on our Open Day, to be held on Wednesday 8th May. We will be running school tours all day for our visitors to see EPS “in action”. We look forward to meeting you! Tours will run at: 9.30am, 10.00am, 11.15am, 12.15pm and 2pm.

The Buildings & Grounds Committee, co-ordinated by Patric Soussan (parent leader on School Council), is having its’ first meeting for the year next Friday 3rd of May, at 3.45pm, here at school. We welcome any new parents to the school and anyone who may have a passion for working on improving the buildings and surrounds at EPS for our students. We will be doing a walk around the school to make some plans for this year. Pop along next Friday if you would like to find out more!

A notification to all families that as of the end of May this year, we will be closing the Emerald Primary School Parents’ Facebook page, due to a higher safety and privacy risk being associated with a public group. We will be creating a new closed group Facebook page for the school and send the invite link around for everyone to join up, with approval by the admins.

  • Thursday 25th April – ANZAC Day
  • Friday 3rd May – EarlyAct Presentation at Assembly
  • Friday 3rd May – Buildings & Grounds Meeting 3.45pm
  • Saturday 4th May – EPS Disco fom 4pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday 8th May – EPS open day “Schools in Action” tours

Emma Clark


Star of the week!

For her wonderful attention and sensational writing!

For such a positive attitude and always being kind, caring and inclusive to all of his classmates.

For writing a detailed recount about your holidays. You made sure to include who was there and how you felt. Super work!

For her wonderful use of connectives in her holiday writing.

For making an AWESOME start to Term 2, doing her best in everything!

For her insightful interpretations of the author’s message in the book Willy the Wimp, by author Anthony Browne.

For outstanding focus and effort in class. Especially when demonstrating a wide range of multiplication strategies. Well done Hayden, you are a STAR!!

For ALWAYS being super engaged and trying your absolute hardest. You extend you learning without being prompted and this skill will take you far in life!

For his wonderful smile that lights up our classroom, his kindness to others, how hard he tries when engaged in an activity and working so hard to achieve his classroom goals!! What a STAR!!

For your fantastic Paradise Garden writing. I loved the descriptive language you used to paint a picture for the reader. Amazing job!

For her quiet determination in all that she does, and for being an E.P.S ace on the tennis court!

For your fantastically detailed Paradise Garden writing! Such brilliant use of figurative language.

For being so engaged when hearing sounds to write and always thinking laterally.

For displaying excellent focus and listening skills during class learning time. You are a shining star!

For his great efforts with his writing and creating such interesting stories. Well done.

For his enthusiasm and kindness he radiates throughout the class.

For your hard work in your ‘Holiday Snapshots’ Task. You used some spectacular WOW words and your illustrations were detailed. You are a STAR!

For writing an engaging holiday recount which included excellent grammar and punctuation.

For being an outstanding learner! I love your growth mindset, giving all learning tasks a go from spelling tests to writing recounts to maths problem solving to team building. You are a STAR!

For being an absolute legend in class. You try everything, you’re helpful, caring, friendly…. the list could go on!


For being a caring and kind person who always helps others and brings such joy to our classroom. What a SUPER STAR!

For your beautiful Paradise Garden writing. I loved the vivid vocab you used to engage the reader

For the clever use of descriptive and figurative language in her Paradise Garden piece. It was a masterpiece!

For always being so respectful and working hard.

For her amazing writing about her holidays. Well done Heidi.

For doing such an amazing job during Show and Tell and speaking with such confidence! You are a STAR!

For developing and expanding her fabulous listening skills. Well done.

For being so switched on and enthusiastic in his learning during Term 1!

For having a growth mindset in Maths when learning about inverse operations and then also challenging yourself with some extension questions. You are a Mathematical STAR!

For your enthusiastic attitude towards creating and solving inverse operation equations.

For being such a kind, gentle, caring member of 4O. It is great that you give everything you do 100% effort. We are lucky to have you in our class!

For her quiet confidence and commitment to always doing her best even when out of her comfort zone!! What a STAR!!

For having a tremendous start to Term 2…. showing perseverance, and persistence to achieve…. What a STAR!

For her beautifully crafted Paradise Garden piece. It is literally a work of art! Awesome work.

For always being such a kind and positive force in our class. You are a legend!

For demonstrating all our school values and always working hard.

Important information!

From May 2024, our school, along with thousands of others across the country, will participate in the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).

The AEDC is a teacher-completed census (similar to a questionnaire) which provides a comprehensive picture of how children have developed by the time they start their first year of full-time school.

The AEDC is an Australian Government Initiative and is completed nationally every three years.

Children don’t miss any class time while the AEDC is completed, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information.

The data collected through the AEDC is used by schools, communities and governments to better understand children and families’ needs, and identify the services, resources and support they need.

AEDC data is reported at a school, community, state/territory and national level. AEDC results for individual children are not reported and the AEDC is not used as an individual diagnostic tool.

Some teachers have found that completing the AEDC made them more aware of the needs of individual children and their class, and that the data was useful for planning for transitions to Year 1 and developing programs.

Participation in the AEDC is voluntary, however the AEDC relies on all schools with children in their first year of full-time school participating in the collection.

Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census.

To find out more about the AEDC and how it is being used to help children and families visit:


If you have any questions, you can contact the Assistant Principal, Carice D’Rozario on 5968 4311.

It’s Walk to School day on Friday 10th May!

Any students that participate can get a “walk to school tattoo” from Mr Stella.

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Community News

School Crossings Victoria Inc.

Is your Lollipop person the sweetest?

School Crossing Supervisor of the Year Award

As part of our commitment to the ongoing safety of your students, School Crossing’s Victoria, together with your local council, is looking for the ‘Supervisor of the Year’ 2023/2024.

There are seven regions across the state. A winner will be selected in each region, and the overall winner, will be selected from the regional winners. The winner of the 2021/2022 Supervisor of the Year is Gail Birch from Glenelg Shire in Portland Victoria. School Crossing’s Victoria would like to enlist your help to boost this year’s nominations.

It is our goal to reach as many parents, residents and school staff as possible and by involving them in the nomination process encourage all road users to think about, and reward, the active role the Supervisors play in the safety of their children.

Your support of this program will help ensure your Crossing Supervisor is shown the appreciation they deserve. We would appreciate if you could include the attached advert in your next school newsletter.

Nominations are open now, and close on Friday 31st May 2024 go to the School Crossings Victoria website and complete an online nomination.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you will be able to support this initiative.

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Friday Meal Deal

Egg & Bacon Roll


Homemade Anzac biscuit


Orange Juice box



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