Students visiting our library.

Each week the grades visit for a session, where the teacher will discuss aspects of the library, selected books, a particular author or read to the students. The students have time to choose a book to borrow. Each Friday the grade 6 Library Captains open the library for the first half of lunch.

Borrowing books.

The students are able to borrow or renew a book for 7 days. Books need to be returned onto the system before any more borrowing can be undertaken. Older grade levels are permitted to borrow 2 books. Students can also borrow books to keep in their classroom book boxes, these books stay in the classroom with an understanding that they do not go home. Often, the Library will provide books for Topics being covered at a grade level and books being used for an Author Study. 

Care for our books.

We encourage the students to take care of the books so others can enjoy them. To look after our library books, Junior grades must have a library bag.