Principal’s Report

2024 Classes

As we commence Term 4, teachers begin the process of creating classes for 2024 to establish the best learning environment for them again with their peers. There are several factors that are considered in finding the best balance for each grade such as:

  • Achievement levels
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Interpersonal relationships between students
  • Teacher recommendations

Achieving even a semi-equal distribution of these factors simultaneously is no small feat! Our priority is creating a high performing and positive classroom environment ensuring a stimulating space for students to achieve their best.

As a result, requests for classes based on interpersonal relationships between students, in writing, will be accepted until Friday 3rd November ( Requests for individual teachers will not be accepted unless there is a special needs diagnosis and the final decision on all student placements rests with myself and the teaching team, after due consideration of all related factors. I thank you for your cooperation and understanding in supporting what is best for all of our students at EPS and look forward to a positive and exciting start to 2024.

2024 – Enrolments and Exits

We are coming into an important time of year regarding planning for 2024. If you are aware of any families who are looking at enquiring to enrol at EPS and have not submitted enrolment forms for next year, please encourage them to contact the school ASAP. Also, if you are exiting the school at the end of this year, please let us know as soon as possible so we can include this in our planning.

School Fair

We are very pleased to be holding our EPS Fair again this year, on Saturday 11th November. Mrs. Peta Woodyard is heading up our School Fair Committee and they are working very hard at the moment to ensure this year’s event is a success. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the day. There are exciting times ahead as we plan for this fantastic community event and major fundraiser for our school again. As we are in the midst of our busy preparations for the EPS School Fair, there will be lots of information coming home – the EPS Fair Booklet is a great “one-stop-shop” for all of the information about what will happen on the day, grade stall information and how families can help to support the event. We really appreciate family involvement – we cannot do it without you! Funds raised from the day will be going towards playground improvements for the students to enjoy!

Cup Day Eve – Monday 6th November

Some parents have asked me to clarify some details about Monday (6th November), which is the day before the Melbourne Cup Day holiday. From past experience it is evident that many families use this day to take a longer weekend as their last chance for a break before Christmas. We know that class numbers are significantly down, usually with around 5-10 students in each class, so normal programs tend to be postponed for the day. If you are able to indicate on Compass prior to the day if you anticipate your child/children being absent on the day, that would be very helpful. In Compass, please click on “Add Attendance Note”. Please be assured that any student attending on this Monday will be supervised all day, but it is very probable that the normal school programs will not be running. This includes the closing of the school Canteen for the day.

Fire Ratings – Important Information

Our school community needs to be aware of the increased fire risk this year and into next year. Please check this link as needed for updates and information on warnings:

Term 4 – Being Sun Smart

Please ensure your children have their hats at school for Term 4 as per our school Sun Smart Policy – hopefully this will encourage the sun to stay out! We ask that students wear their hats in the playground during recess and lunch. As part of our SunSmart Policy, all students need to wear hats in the yard for all of Term 1 and Term 4. We have this school policy of making sure students wear broad-rimmed hats (not caps) for all times outside, to protect from the sun. Besides recesses and lunchtimes, this also includes outside grade activities like games and physical education lessons. We ask that parents support this policy by ensuring your child has the right type of hat (part of the uniform) and please make sure the hats are named and in good condition. Hats are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop for $16.

  • Monday 30th October  &  Thursday 2nd November – Preps 2024 Transition
  • Thursday 2nd November – School Finance meeting 7pm & School Council meeting 7.15pm
  • Friday 3rd November Grade 5 Soccer Day
  • Tuesday 7th November – Melbourne Cup Day Holiday
  • Saturday 11th November – EPS School Fair
  • Monday 13th and Thursday 16th November Preps 2024 Transition Picnic
  • Wednesday 15th November – Grade 1 Ricketts Point Excursion
  • Wednesday 29th November – Grade 4 Camp Departs – Returns Friday 1st December
  • Wednesday 29th November – Meet the Teacher Night – Preps 2024 6pm – 7pm
  • Thursday 7th December – Grade 2 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion
  • Tuesday 12th December – Whole School Orientation morning
  • Tuesday 19th December – Grade 6 Graduation Evening
  • Wednesday 20th December – End of Term 4 – Students dismissed at 1.30pm


Rotary Club of Emerald & District Primary Schools’ Speech Competition – Tuesday 30th October

We were proud to be the host school for the Rotary Club of Emerald & District Primary Schools’ Speech Competition last Tuesday night. All of those present, including students from Grades 5 and 6 from the surrounding schools, parents, families, Rotarians and staff, were impressed with the level of preparation and the outstanding delivery on a wide range of topics from the competitors. Our representatives were Ethan B. and Eliza W. from Grade 5, who spoke on the topics of “Keeping Up With Technology” and “Through The Microscope” respectively and Maximus Willis did the Acknowledgement of Country. They were all  incredible in their delivery, demonstrating knowledge and passion within their topics, and were very engaging and entertaining! Congratulations to these students and we look forward to seeing them reproduce their speeches at an upcoming Assembly.

Emma Clark

Wednesday 25th October was a very special day for two reasons.

  1. Our Special Friends and Grandparents visited our school from 10:45am-1:00pm.
  2. We held our official opening of our Yarning / Healing Circle.

We want to thank all our EPS families who attended on the day. The buzz around school was electric and the turnout was unbelievable. We have one SPECIAL community.

David and his team from Treasuring our Trees, along with Cardinia Council and Rotary created and funded this amazing project which provided our school with a very special Yarning / Healing Circle.

We were very lucky to have Murrundindi facilitate our opening. Aston, Mia and Max introduced Murrundindi and he commenced the opening with the didgeridoo and some thought provoking words around the importance of respect and community. Murrundindi then Welcomed us to Country and ran a smoking ceremony to open our Yarning / Healing Circle where we can all go to reflect, respect and connect.

Such a beautiful part of our school which has already brought healing and peace to many students.

Yarning Circles are a process within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture where people learn from one another, build respectful relationships, and pass on cultural knowledge.

Emerald Primary School is proud to have one here where we can continue to embed and connect to Indigenous culture and build a strong and positive inclusive school where everyone belongs.


  Has anyone lost this brooch, it was found after Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Please see the Office.

Calling budding artists…

The Emerald Arts Society will be holding their annual Art Show in November and artists of all ages are welcome to enter. There are cash prizes up for grabs and we have had a number of students from EPS win prizes in the past! For more information and entry forms, see Ms McDonald, Sonia Sensei or the office.

Community News

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Canteen News!

Friday Meal Deal


Sweet Chilli

Chicken tenders x 3




*** Please note the School Canteen will be closed on Monday 6th November

Breaking up is hard to do!!!!!!!!

It’s time for the canteen to break up with single use straws, these will not be available in 2023

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s ocean every year and over 90% is single use plastic.

So let’s say bye bye to straws and hello to BYO. We highly recommend reusable options over all disposables. Students can purchase a reusable silicone straw in its own case with the school Emblem for $4 from the canteen (over the counter or via online) or uniform shop.


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