Principal’s Report

School Fair

We are very pleased to be holding our EPS Fair again this year, on Saturday 11th November. Mrs. Peta Woodyard is heading up our School Fair Committee and they are working very hard at the moment to ensure this year’s event is a success. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the day. There are exciting times ahead as we plan for this fantastic community event and major fundraiser for our school again. As we are in the midst of our busy preparations for the EPS School Fair, there will be lots of information coming home – the EPS Fair Booklet is a great “one-stop-shop” for all of the information about what will happen on the day, grade stall information and how families can help to support the event. We really appreciate family involvement – we cannot do it without you! Funds raised from the day will be going towards playground improvements for the students to enjoy!

2024 Classes

As we commence Term 4, teachers begin the process of creating classes for 2024 to establish the best learning environment for them again with their peers. There are several factors that are considered in finding the best balance for each grade such as:

  • Achievement levels
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Interpersonal relationships between students
  • Teacher recommendations

Achieving even a semi-equal distribution of these factors simultaneously is no small feat! Our priority is creating a high performing and positive classroom environment ensuring a stimulating space for students to achieve their best.

As a result, requests for classes based on interpersonal relationships between students, in writing, will be accepted until Friday 3rd November ( Requests for individual teachers will not be accepted unless there is a special needs diagnosis and the final decision on all student placements rests with myself and the teaching team, after due consideration of all related factors. I thank you for your cooperation and understanding in supporting what is best for all of our students at EPS and look forward to a positive and exciting start to 2024.

2024 – Enrolments and Exits

We are coming into an important time of year regarding planning for 2024. If you are aware of any families who are looking at enquiring to enrol at EPS and have not submitted enrolment forms for next year, please encourage them to contact the school ASAP. Also, if you are exiting the school at the end of this year, please let us know as soon as possible so we can include this in our planning.

Fire Ratings – Important Information

Our school community needs to be aware of the increased fire risk this year and into next year. Please check this link as needed for updates and information on warnings:

Term 4 – Being Sun Smart

Please ensure your children have their hats at school for Term 4 as per our school Sun Smart Policy – hopefully this will encourage the sun to stay out! We ask that students wear their hats in the playground during recess and lunch. As part of our SunSmart Policy, all students need to wear hats in the yard for all of Term 1 and Term 4. We have this school policy of making sure students wear broad-rimmed hats (not caps) for all times outside, to protect from the sun. Besides recesses and lunchtimes, this also includes outside grade activities like games and physical education lessons. We ask that parents support this policy by ensuring your child has the right type of hat (part of the uniform) and please make sure the hats are named and in good condition. Hats are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop for $16.

  • Monday 23rd October – Book  Fair week begins
  • Tuesday 24th October – Final Day of School Review
  • Wednesday 25th October – Grandparents & Special Friends Day 10.45 – 1pm + Yarning Circle Opening at 11.15am
  • Monday 30th October & Thursday 2nd November – Prep 2024 – Transition Sessions
  • Tuesday 31st October – Wild Animals Free Dress Day – gold coin donation
  • Thursday 2nd November – School Finance meeting 7pm and School Council meeting 7.15pm
  • Friday 3rd November – Grade 5 Soccer Day
  • Tuesday 7th November – Melbourne Cup Day Holiday
  • Saturday 11th November – Remembrance Day
  • Saturday 11th November – EPS School Fair – 11.30am – 4pm
  • Sunday 12th November – HPV Lang Lang
  • Monday 13th November & Thursday 16th November – Preps 2024 Picnic visit
  • Wednesday 29th November – Grade 4 Camp Departs – Returns Friday 1st December
  • Wednesday 29th November – Meet the Teacher Night – Preps 2024 6pm – 7pm
  • Thursday 7th December – Grade 2 Excursion to Healesville Sanctuary
  • Tuesday 12th December – Whole school transition morning
  • Thursday 14th December – School Finance meeting 7pm and School Council meeting 7.15pm
  • Tuesday 19th December  – Grade 6 Graduation evening
  • Wednesday 20th December – End of term 4 – Students dismissed 1.30pm (Assembly at 9.15am)

Emma Clark

Star of the week!

For how well she settled back into school and trying so hard with all of her learning.

For being focused and hands on in Art, creating an AWESOME rainbow.

For using his initiative when publishing his information report on laptops.

For her enthusiasm with all the work we do in the classroom. You are a smiling Star Hazel.

For working really hard on producing great sentences. Well done Henry!

For being a friendly and supportive class member.

For her insightful contributions to our book club discussions.

For settling into a new school so beautifully and bringing a smile to every day.

For showing creativity and imagination in her work every day! What a Star!

For his genuine selflessness when assisting others and with classroom tasks.

For her persistent effort in Maths and grasping the BODMAS process when solving equations. You’re a Bright Star!

For settling in well at EPS and into 1SA. You have been a WONDERFUL addition to our team. We LOVED listening to your Show and Tell about your holiday. You are an absolute SUPER STAR!

For her wonderful positive attitude and hard work so far this term. For always listening hard, trying her best and producing great work!

For his wonderful hardworking attitude and helpfulness! Well done Rowan – your hard work is paying off!

For always giving 110% and diving head first into the Learning Pit. What a Legend!

For trying hard in every learning session and becoming a great role model. SUPERSTAR!

For your confidence, creativity and resilience when designing, making and appraising your model for the Smooth Moves Science project.

For your amazing focus and hard work during fractions lessons, you set yourself goals and never gave up when working to reach them.

For his outstanding attitude, kindness to others and the amazing way he always gives his all in his work! What a STAR!

For your brilliant BODMAS brain. It is truly impressive!

For the perseverence and positive attitude you have shown towards your Maths this term. Keep it up!

For his attention, focus and hard work during our maths sessions on BODMAS.

For doing an amazing job researching information about the Red Kangaroo. A Learning Star!

For her consistent persistence and determination to achieve even when tackling tricky tasks. Learning Star!

For the outstanding effort you put into all of your artworks including your Maths art piece. You inspire those around you!

For your fantastic performance in Reader’s Theatre, using expression and actions to entertain the audience. You are a STAR!

For her amazingly detailed reading responses on her Quadrama.

For her focus and finesse completing her ‘Meet Poppy’ Quadrama

For outstanding effort and focus in class. I’m particularly impressed with your visualisation of Jackie French’s Flood and your factor trees. Go Jude!

For showing kindness and maturity in class every day. I’m so impressed with the way you strive to do your best every day. Well done.

For demonstrating persistence in your learning which is especially evident in your growth in Maths…in particular fractions.

For contributing great ideas during class discussions, having an excellent attitude to all learning tasks and being a kind and generous class mate.

For working hard in class and putting effort into the presentatoin of her work.

                           REGIONAL ATHLETICS

Last Thursday our talented athletics team ventured out to Doncaster to compete in the Regional Athletics Event. It was amazing that we had 27 students qualified for this event, we definitely outnumbered the other schools!

Our students performed well and gave it their best effort against extremely strong opposition. The highlight of the day was Kahn in Grade 4 who incredibly finished 1st in the 9/10 Boys Triple Jump. Khan now progresses to the State Finals which will be held on Wednesday November 1st at Lakeside Stadium.

Congratulations to all the students and a big thank you to Craig and Gabby for their assistance on the day.

Mr Stella

On Saturday 21st October, the grade sixes headed down to Casey Fields in Cranbourne for a Human Powered Vehicle race. It was a huge day, being an 8-hour endurance race. In the strong winds and spots of sunshine and rain, the grade six students did an amazing job racing! The track was 2.6 kilometres long and congratulations to Darcy in 6W who, for the second time this year, clocked the fastest lap time for our team with a very quick time of 4 minutes and 23 seconds. The race began at 9am and the students took turns racing for around half an hour in the carts at a time right up until 5pm. There was a sense of fun and a can-do attitude in the air, despite the tricky weather conditions. The students had a fabulous time and we are so grateful for all the parent support on the day, without which, events like this do not happen. A special thank you to Mr Craig Appleby for towing the carts in the big trailer to and from the race and for the parents who helped us out with marshalling on the track. We really appreciate you all!

Thanks and regards,

The Grade Six Team


Divisional Volleyball – Monbulk College

EPS’ sporting success continues in Term 4 with the Girls and Boys Volleyball teams competing at the Divisional Championships at Monbulk College. Both teams played four matches and demonstrated tremendous growth throughout the tournament. The boys team won two and lost two, finishing in third place. Well done boys! The girls team won three and lost one, taking the win to be divisional champions! They won on a double countback against The Patch – Awesome!

The girls will now head to The Nets in Heathmont on the 31st of October to compete in the Eastern Regional Championships. Thank you to Kath Barrot for coaching on the day.

Good Luck girls!

Mr Appleby

Community News

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Canteen News!

 Friday Meal Deal this week!


Cheese & Bacon Potato Cake

& Ghostly Jelly


Breaking up is hard to do!!!!!!!!

It’s time for the canteen to break up with single use straws, these will not be available in 2023

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s ocean every year and over 90% is single use plastic.

So let's say bye bye to straws and hello to BYO.  We highly recommend reusable options over all disposables.  Students can purchase a reusable silicone straw in its own case with the school Emblem for $4 from the canteen (over the counter or via online) or uniform shop.


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