Principal’s Report

Exciting times as we prepare for a fun day of running through a rainbow of colours and raising funds for our school to improve our playgrounds for the students! To get involved, please follow this link:

Thank you to Mrs. Peta Woodyard for all of the work she is doing to prepare for this special event on Wednesday 6th September!

EPS families have been asked to participate in the 2023 Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey (previously known as the Parent Opinion Survey). Each year the school conducts an opinion survey with the school community. While previously a random sample of approximately 30 per cent of parents/caregivers/guardians have been selected to participate, this year, all families are invited to participate in the survey. Results will be used to inform and direct our future school planning and improvement. I ask you to please take the time to complete the survey as your opinions are important to us and will contribute to the future management and organisation of our school. The survey will be conducted online and should take 20 minutes to complete. The survey can be completed on any internet enabled device (iPad, Desktop or Laptop, Smartphone) and is compatible with most browsers and will be open from Monday 7th August to Friday 8th September.

Stay tuned for more details on:

  • Colour Fun Run – Wednesday 6th September
  • Grade 5 Zoo Excursion – Tuesday 12th September
  • Divisional Athletics Round – Wednesday 13th September (Good luck to the students competing on this day!)
  • Grade 2 Fairytale Dress-Up Day – Thursday 14th September
  • Sporting Theme Dress-up Day – Friday 15th September
  • End of Term Assembly at 9.15am – Friday 15th September
  • Students finish at 2.30pnm – Friday 15th September
  •  First day of Term 4 – Monday 2nd October

Emma Clark

Star of the week!

For putting in lots of effort to your learning presentation. Your letter formation is really improving

For her sensational thinking and indepth questioning at school. Harriet I love your caring and thoughtful nature.

For her amazing artistic creations during our Australian Art Unit of work.

For the care and focus you put in ALL your work. You always take on feedback and uplevel where you can. You are a Learning Star!

For the incredible effort and focus she has put into her learning.

For his fabulous enthusiasm at all times and for being a great listener this week! Well done!

For your excellent Diamante poem ‘Superheroes vs Villains’. You are a STAR!

For his un-wavering, laser like focus he has shown all term! Keep up this AMAZING work, legend.

For her kindness and positive attitude. We are all so blessed to be in your presence Gracie.

For being a confident and focused learner, always being ready to take on challenges and contributing your ideas in class discussions.

For working diligently on her market stall and demonstrating resilience when experiencing challenges. What a STAR!

For displaying outstanding leadership skills in our ‘Gather & Grow’ program, with your Prep buddy and for being such a kind and generous person.

For her insatiable thirst for Mathematics knowledge. I love your inquiring mind! Terrific work!

For your sportsmanship and effort at our EDEC Basketball day. You smashed it!

For his two thumbs up effort in his maths masters. Ollie you are a focused and mature star!

For being a super star when demonstrating her reading skills to others.

For being a voracious reader who is dedicated to his nightly reading and focused on his reading goals, with excellent results. What a Star!

For your focus and detail you’ve been putting into all your learning this week. You are a Learning Star!

For participating so imaginatively and creatively in our Fairytale Fiasco incursion!

For trying hard with all of her work and for being a helpful friend to others.

For always being so caring and helpful within the class. Thank you Indie!

For consistently pouring 110% into every learning task. You are a fantastic role model/student & peer.

For always checking for clarification when unsure of how to complete something. Never stop doing this Olive.

For your amazing efforts to improve your fluency when reading aloud and for focusing hard to improve your comprehension skills.

For working diligently on his Market Day stall showing great success.

For displaying amazing sportsman-ship during our EDEC Basketball day. You are a STAR!

For his terrific growth in mastering his times tables, and for rocking it on the basketball court on Monday!

For working really hard to concentrate in class and complete all his work. What a Star!

For her wonderful segmenting to help her spell new words and always being an enthusiastic friend.

For his wonderful progress with his writing.

For having an excellent attitude and great focus towards all your learning tasks. You have been a shining star in our classroom!

For the thought and effort she always puts into her presentation.

For working really hard on her persuasive text this week!

For your excellent Diamante poem including fantastic word choices. You are a STAR!

For working extremely hard and producing a great Diamante poem about Dad.

For her amazing dedication to writing. You have an amazing growth mindset.

For her focus and determination in the classroom. Awesome effort Gabby.

For giving an outstanding effort in completing the BIG WRITE as well as his assessments in maths. Keep up the excellent work, you’re a STAR!

For always being willing to help others and approaching every day with positivity.

For confidently demonstrating his sound knowledge of time. You’re a ‘clock STAR’

For your impressive efforts at our Basketball day. We have a new Basketball Star here!

For always showing kindness and gratitude in our classroom. You are a Star!

When the Girls Regional Soccer Championships finally came, we never knew what was about to hit us…. But when we arrived, we were READY!  Our team, of 12 girls (Azieza, Matilda, Willow, Georgia, Maddie, Jasmine, Lillee, Chelsea, Charlotte, Enya, Anika and Heidi  were ready to take on the challenge and when the game was in motion, nine were fighting on the field, while the other three cheered from the sideline. Cooper  attended the day as our experienced lines-person, as well as giving teammates tips and to cheer them on.

When we arrived at Petty’s Reserve, Templestowe, we were buzzing like bees at the sight of the venue. We were especially excited to see that Templestowe Soccer Club had a canteen! Once the team united, we did some warm-ups beside the pitch. The other teams looked aggressive and ferocious but we were confident. After our first game, we took a snack break and, mmmmmmmmmmmmm! That canteen food was gooood!

The first game was tiring with a close 1-0. We lost, sadly, but our team held their heads high as we walked off the fake-grass pitch after a nail biting game. We played 3 games in total, so our team wasn’t done playing yet! We had a small snack break and prepared ourselves for the next-hopeful-win. But, oh how wrong could we possibly be. The next game, we lost a close battle, 2-0. Sadly, it didn’t get any better. In the final game, we needed to move a few players around and unfortunately lost a heart-wrenching 5-0. But, playing the games was fun and we’re proud of what we have accomplished.

We are proud of our teammates because of how far we have come. Even though we lost all three games, we still had fun and we tried new tactics and positions, and gave our best! It was a true honour to represent our school. Practising at lunch was hard which only strengthened our muscles and minds. Despite the other teams being really skilled and beating us, we kept going and we enjoyed it.

The regionals were challenging, but that didn’t stop us from taking the pitch and making the most of the day. Despite us not getting any goals, there were many memorable moments that took place. Each player performed wonderfully, giving their best for the team and even running further than they thought… Hey Anika ! We also had our spectacular goalie, Enya, save so many goals as well as a CRAZY penalty shot! Sign her up now!

A very special thank you to our parents and coaches for chauffeuring, and cheering us on during the day. To Sarah Muratore, who was watching closely as our First-Aid officer, and to our coaches, Mr Appleby and Ash Bucci (who were great soccer coaches), for guiding us along the journey and teaching us how to play our best game.

The Young Tillies (EPS Senior Girls Soccer Team, 2023)

With the excitement of the Women’s FIFA World Cup and how amazing the Matildas were, as well as our own Senior Girls ‘Young Tillies’, the opportunity to put on a friendly match seemed inevitable. After a wet day timetable forced the rescheduling of the match, both teams took to the oval Monday lunchtime.

The jovial crowd lined the pitch, cheering encouragingly (and offering many coaching tips) throughout the close battle, which saw the Young Tillies hold out the many attacks on goal from the Staff All-Stars – Enya didn’t let anything pass! The game drew after two 10 minute halves and a penalty shootout ensued… reminiscent of the Matildas vs France game, and just as nerve-racking!

Both teams presented a strong line-up and after three attempts, The Young Tillies won the penalty shootout 1-0, with striker, Tillie (Matilda) driving a sharp shooter low to the right and just scraping the post, past Mr Stella – A victory I’m sure won’t be forgotten quickly

It was a terrific event, and even more wonderful seeing both teams play it out in a tough, but friendly manner. Thank you to the staff who covered yard duties and to the players who made it a fun, friendly game.

NEXT EVENT: Senior Students’ Netball and Volleyball teams vs Staff All-Stars – Tuesday 12th September, stadium at lunchtime (weather dependent).

Mr Appleby

(EPS’ self-appointed, enthusiastic sports promoter)

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Friday Meal Deal

Meat lovers pizza


Slice of watermelon


Breaking up is hard to do!!!!!!!!

It’s time for the canteen to break up with single use straws, these will not be available in 2023

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s ocean every year and over 90% is single use plastic.

So let's say bye bye to straws and hello to BYO.  We highly recommend reusable options over all disposables.  Students can purchase a reusable silicone straw in its own case with the school Emblem for $4 from the canteen (over the counter or via online) or uniform shop.


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