Principal’s Report

Term 2 is shaping up to be busy and action-packed! We have the swimming program running this term, along with Grade 6 Camp to Coonawarra, Gr 6 production, EPS Bush Dance and the Hills Ukulele Festival on 20th and 21st May! We will also have a Mother’s Day Celebration, Open Night and School Photos – lots happening! Looking forward to a great term ahead with lots of learning and fun!

I was proud to see our school community turn out to the ANZAC Day services yesterday. Our School Captains (Lewis, Maddy, Judd and Dakota) did a wonderful job with their speeches, which focussed on the Vietnam War and National Service Veterans, and laying of the wreathes. Please see the lovely photo in this newsletter. Thank you very much to Lisa Ward for supporting the Captains with all of their preparations.

It’s on again for term 2! Looking forward to working with our team of volunteer parents and Chess Captains to run this lunchtime program again. If you have a spare Tuesday lunchtime, please reach out and let us know via the school email ( as we would love you to help out. Thank you once again to Sharon and Mike for their continuing leadership of this excellent lunchtime activity. We are looking at running some Master Classes this term for students – so stay tuned!

Our first whole school Assembly for the term will be held this Friday 28th April, from 9.15am in the Stadium. We will be presenting the Term 1 Values Awards at the assembly.

A reminder that there will be a Curriculum Day on Friday 26th May, so no students are required at school on that day. Staff will be at school undertaking assessments and planning.

Emerald Lakers Basketball Club have arranged a full service of our Stadium on Friday 19th May – so just advising all members of the school community that it will be out of action for the whole day.

Our next Working Bee will be held on next Friday 5th May after school. We will be weeding the front garden and partaking in a delicious sausage sizzle afterwards! Hope to see you then – starts after school at 3.45pm.

On a separate note – if there are any amazing parents out there who may be able to help advise us on some drainage issues near the Prep to 2 Playground at the back of the school, that would be much appreciated!

Emma Clark

Congratulations to our awesome School Captains Dakota Brown, Judd Clarke,       Maddie Bucci and Lewis Garratt on their amazing speech at both the Emerald Dawn Service and mid-morning March and Service to commemorate ANZAC Day on Tuesday 25th April. They did an absolutely amazing job and we appreciate their effort to attend to show respect to those who have served and those who continue to serve. They are fabulous leaders and ambassadors for our school. They also participated in laying a wreath at the ANZAC Memorial in Emerald during both services. This year we are commemorating 50 years since the end of the Vietnam War.

The students spoke about the National Service Scheme and Conscription into our armed forces.

Lest We Forget.

Star of the week!

For developing your resilience to independently settle into the morning routine at school! Keep shining Everley!

For her fantastic effort with her writing. Well done Annie.

For working so well in Maths Investigation Buddies. Your ability to work together with your partner led to excellent results. You are  STAR!

For putting in a fantastic effort with your writing goal of ‘putting spaces between all your words’. You are a Writing Goal Star!

For her amazing positive attitude and effort in all she does! What a superstar!

For trying her best to be an inclusive, helpful and empathetic classmate. LEGEND!

For her excellent use of text evidence to support her inferences during reading tasks. What a Star!

For diligently editing and revising his Paradise Garden writing, creating a vivid and captivation piece. Awesome work!

For working hard, staying focused and his huge improvement during our maths unit on Place Value.

For tackling all learning challenges and hopping and bending to read. You are such a super STAR!

For always trying and putting in his best effort. You are awesome Callum.

For working so well in Maths Investigation Buddies. Your ability to work together with your partner meant that you were so successful. You are a STAR!

For mindfully taking on feedback to uplevel her work.

For his fabulous growth mindset and effort to improve in all areas! What a STAR!

For his amazing biological science reflection.

For your brilliant focus and hard work in class and for diving into the Learning Pit with a Growth Mindset.

For the brilliant effort you have put into both the presentation and writing of your Paradise Garden.

 For his hard work, focus and massive improvement during our Place Value Unit.

For his sensational effort learning his letter and sounds. You are a supportive and caring STAR!

For great preparation and presentation for her speaking tasks and for always trying to be an awesome listener.

For doing an AMAZING job finding and using digraphs in his writing! What a star!

For always trying his best and presenting his work beautifully!

  For all the great work she did researching about dirt bikes for her speech.

For her kindness, bright smile and awesome inferring in reading.

For maximising his learning of Place Value – making terrific growth this term. Awesome work!

For creating a fantastic and detailed place value board game! Keep it up.

Community News

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Canteen Special!

Egg & Bacon Roll


Homemade Anzac Biscuit


Breaking up is hard to do!!!!!!!!

It’s time for the canteen to break up with single use straws, these will not be available in 2023

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s ocean every year and over 90% is single use plastic.

So let’s say bye bye to straws and hello to BYO.  We highly recommend reusable options over all disposables.  Students can purchase a reusable silicone straw in its own case with the school Emblem for $4 from the canteen (over the counter or via online) or uniform shop.


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