Principal’s Report

The next Curriculum Day for our school will be held on Monday 24th April – please note that there are no students required at school that day, as staff will all be undertaking professional learning in the areas of literacy teaching, numeracy teaching and wellbeing support. Thus, the first day of Term 2 will be the day after ANZAC Day – Wednesday 26th April.

School Council 2023

We had the first meeting of our new 2023 School Council last Thursday. We welcome the following new members:

Kylie Maes – Parent Representative

Cherry Hynam – Parent Representative

Narelle Oberin – Parent Representative

*  Thank you very much to the following returning members:

Julie Bowyer – President, Parent Representative

Olivia McLeod – Vice President, Parent Representative

Peta Woodyard – Fundraising Committee Chairperson, Staff Representative

Patric Soussan – Buildings & Grounds Committee Chairperson, Parent Representative

Karen Giles – Communications & Publicity Committee, Parent Representative

Belinda Smullen – Communications & Publicity Committee, Parent Representative

Bianca Appleby – Staff Representative

Carice D’Rozario – Staff Representative

Once again, on behalf of School Council, I would like to sincerely thank retiring members, Marianne Thomson, Karen Charters and Sharon Scott for their commitment to the school and willingness to support EPS to provide the best environment possible for its students. We still have 3 places on Council, so please feel free to get in touch to register your interest or if you have any queries.

The AGM will be held in April – date to be confirmed. The Annual Report is also presented at the April meeting.

Thank you to the team who turned out on Saturday to help get our playground mulching done and start our veggie patch mulching: the Soussan Family, the Bennett family, Anna Thomsen, Hana and Nicole Lane, Bronwyn Thomas-Smith and Jess Tannock. We got a lot done – well done team!


We will have the final assembly for the term next Thursday 6th April at 9.15am.  Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm. The Term 1 Awards Assembly will be held on the Friday of the first week back of Term 2.

We wish the Grade 5 students, Grade 5 Teachers and Education Support Staff all the best for camp at Phillip Island next week – have fun!

Emma Clark

Star of the week!

for showing a huge improvement in her     recognition of numbers to 20. You are a Maths Star!

for his sensational work in prep and his ‘can do’ attitude!

for your constant focus in all learning areas. Your list of all things ‘Flat Stanley’ should pack for his holiday to Australia, was well thought out and very practical. You are a learning Star!

for writing a well structured narrative using lots of descriptive words.

for such a fabulous attitude in all of her learning, even with her fractured arm! What a brave Star!

for consistently displaying beautiful manners and being a wonderful listener.

for always being willing to help others understand a task. Thanks Andre.

for your amazing efforts in writing and using a Growth Mindset when diving into the Learning Pit.

for exceptional effort in all subject areas. Also, for your kindness to other students. What a star!

for amazing problem solving during maths!

for being a self motivated and industrious learner who does her absolute best at all times. What a Star!

for the amazing work and effort you have shown this week. Keep it up legend!

for her positive and bright nature Mia, I love your ‘can do’ approach to school.

for writing a fabulous narrative about Bunjil the eagle.

for confidently and accurately demonstrating your understanding of place value. You are an unstoppable Maths Star!

for giving his best effort in his writing, maths and reading this week.

 for settling in very well to 2W and E.P.S. We’re glad you are here with us!

for his amazing use of figurative language in his story orientation. Julian, you would definitely ‘hook’ a reader! What a Star!

for being respectful to her peers and staff. Always trying her best in class.

for your fabulous focus and efforts during Maths Masters sessions and striving to reach learning goals.

for always doing her best in absolutely everything and showing up every day with a smile.

for having a positive attitude towards your learning!

for her assiduous and analytical approach when tackling the transformative topics this term! You go the extra mile! You’re a Mega Star!

for having excellent manners, always offering to help and working hard.

for his sensational work in prep and his ‘can do’ attitude!

for doing an AMAZING job independently sounding out when writing!

 for writing such an interesting narrative. His enthusiasm was contagious to all!

for putting in a solid effort in all learning activities, setting a wonderful example of a growth mindset.

for displaying a positive attitude and trying your best on all  Naplan tasks. You are a STAR!

for her excellent use of text evidence to support her inferences on character feelings! What a Star!

for applying herself to every task with an amazing ‘Never give up’ attitude.

for settling into EPS so beautifully. We love having your gentle kindness and ‘can do’ attitude in our class. You are a star!

for his amazing work on his Boy Overboard acrostic poem. What a STAR!

for being a self disciplined and motivated learner who takes on feedback and demonstrates enthusiasm at all times. This is evident in his Paradise Garden writing piece.

for being an upstander and showing great empathy, looking out for your fellow students. Keep it up!

for always being polite, hard working and so caring towards others.

Community News

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Canteen Special!

Friday Meal Deal

Fish and Chips


Chocolate Birdsnest


Breaking up is hard to do!!!!!!!!

It’s time for the canteen to break up with single use straws, these will not be available in 2023

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s ocean every year and over 90% is single use plastic.

So let’s say bye bye to straws and hello to BYO.  We highly recommend reusable options over all disposables.  Students can purchase a reusable silicone straw in its own case with the school Emblem for $4 from the canteen (over the counter or via online) or uniform shop.

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